Monday, November 14, 2016

The Donald Shuts Down the Obama/Hillary Express...But How?

The Donald did it.

Donald J Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

Most of us are speechless. Half are angry. Half are excited. Either way, the 8 year run of destruction by the Obama and Hillary express has come to a standstill. Yea, President Obama certainly made history just as I said he would back in 2007.  But not quite the one everyone else seemed to envision. Progressive, socialistic philosophies never do and his was no different.

The change we could believe in turned us into a country with 20T in debt, millions more on food stamps, more abortions, more terrorist attacks, more illegals, over the top regulations, less people working, weaker military, a laughing stock worldwide, terrible relations with Israel, incredible increases in health insurance premiums, government corruption (yea he appointed Hillary and the others), moral decay and racial division we haven’t seen since the 60s. That will be Obama’s true legacy and as Trump tears up most of his illegal executive orders that legacy won’t be anything like the one he so desperately hoped for just a week ago.

So much for hope and change. Thank God it’s over…for now.

But how did this derailment of the progressive agenda happen? How did this billionaire…a TV star with questionable character traits, a vulgar defensive tongue really pull this off anyway? He only had one path. An electoral royal flush, and sure enough he pulled it off.

Let’s break it down because it is worth repeating and I want my kids one day to look back on this crazy year and know just what all happened.

First of all, for me, as a Christian, the most important victory in all of this – the ones that have eternal and spiritual meaning – are the fact that conservatives can now restore our bond and partnership with Israel (God’s chosen people that the Bible makes clear we shouldn’t be messing with) and we have a real chance at slowing down abortions. In the end, everything else is small by comparison and worldly in terms of life. The appointment of Constitutional judges instead of philosophical judges in both the lower courts and Supreme Court are going to have an impact for decades and decades. We were one step away if Hillary had one from likely never turning back..

This is where Trumps win is truly a miracle of God.

No doubt about it…Hillary would have lost to just about anyone. She was unlikeable, connected to potential fraud and corruption, had apparent issues of ignorance regarding national security and just seemed to be running for office to complete a personal bucket list item of “first woman President”. Her campaign was marred by her own background (her husband and Bengahzi as two examples), FBI investigations (twice), Wikileaks showing corruption of the highest order, DNC scandals, Clinton Foundation scandals, and overall arrogance. She was setting on a T what should have been an easy homerun win for any GOP candidate.  

But then the GOP dropped the ball by trying to push the Establishment likes of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio down conservatives throats and that opened the door to Donald Trump.

And in he walked.

Trump brought his own baggage too. He was almost as bad. Arrogant, mean, rude, and a past marred by divorce and sexist, sexual comments galore. Soon he had woman claiming he sexually abused them in some form or fashion after a video was leaked with him verbally claiming he could do what he wants with almost any woman he desired. He was a successful billionaire, now married to a model who has posed nude, and had a track record of being a tough as nails negotiator – something many Americans thought it was time to try in the Whitehouse. He was truly anon-political outsider. Yet, he once was a supporter of policies proposed by the left and even seen as being close and friendly with the Clintons at one time. His present and his past seemed to provide his biggest obstacles all throughout the campaign and certainly after he was nominated in easy fashion during the Republican Convention. His mess wasn’t as bad as Hillary’s but it certainly wasn’t good either.

People sighed as they appeared to have to choose between the lessor of two evils. Polls all along the way kept telling the story of a decent Hillary win. I followed two measurements to gage what I hoped might happen. One was the USC LA Times poll that had Trump leading by 2 the Friday before he election. The other was following Professor Allan Litchman who’s 12 measurements also had indicated a Trump win. I had been following them for months and their outcomes hadn’t waivered. However, I remained convinced the system was in fact rigged and that Hillary would literally do anything to win it all. Nothing would stop her.

On election night, only a miracle of God could push Trump ahead. Hillary had multiple avenues in which to get to the magic number of 270 EVs. Trump had one. He had to lay down a royal flush and win Ohio, Florida, all of the normal red states and at least one or two blue states. The first few hours exit polls indicated Trump was losing big. My heart sank as I started to process a Hillary administration and her picking supreme court judges that would forever change America. I continued to pray and realized many of our friends were too. The one thing none of the polls or pundits could seem to account for was the “closet” trumpers. How many evangelicals, independents, and conservatives would end up holding their noses and voting for Trump just to spite Hillary and because of the SC judge issues?

Apparently, more than enough.  

In what many are calling the greatest voting night in evangelical history, Christians got out the vote and Trump surged past Hillary. By midnight he was only 16 EVs away from winning it all and it was apparent the royal flush he needed was about to happen putting Hillary in the tank for good. About 3am ET it was called. Donald Trump had clearly won the 2016 Presidential Election. He was now President Elect.

Shock waves rumbled around the globe. It was truly a miracle and one I believe God clearly had his hand in making happen. After all, man’s steps are guided by Him are they not?

What Trump did that Tuesday night was historic in all measures and you have to give him the credit he has due. He overcame himself, his mouth and his past. He didn’t have the political experience or know how and he was na├»ve. He spent his own millions, getting no financial support from the GOP. Hillary outspent him by hundreds of millions. Hillary had the big ground game and political machine. Trump had some volunteers and his family around him. He fought his own fight without a single real celebrity and very few GOP supporters. The entire world was against him including the main stream media that was purely for Hillary and the likes of every celebrity known to man. Yet, all year long his campaign had the momentum, the passion and the crowds. He was truly the underdog and the vain of every single #nevertrump establishment cry baby in the world. And in the end, he crushed them all.

Now here we are. We have all just experienced an election cycle that most are calling the craziest in history and now after eight long years (10 if you really look at it correctly) of the progressive agenda pushing our nation to the brink, we can at least have a chance to slow their agenda down. Trump isn’t going to be the perfect conservative candidate. He isn’t going to suddenly become a polished politician either. He will open his mouth. He will likely make numerous mistakes. But we have to trust in the leadership abilities of the people he looks to surround himself with and hope we can survive the next four years and make some headway in the courts. If that is all he does, it will have all been worth it. But either way, we have to give him the same chance we gave Obama and he got either full years. He’s already said he won’t take a salary and he’s already getting more work done than most Presidential Elects before him. He’s getting after it quickly because much is to be done. I’m not saying his going to be the next Reagan and frankly I don’t care as long as he appoints those Constitutional judges we need that’s good for me.

I preached from the get-go that the Trump movement could be used as a means to an end by the GOP but they failed to recognize it for what it was and foolishly held fast to the belief that the GOP had to be inclusive of more people in order to win. They were wrong in 2010, 2014 and now again. The GOP will be changed forever and for now is dead. Now Trump and his team have to prove all of us right and follow through with the things important to saving the direction of our country. They’ve got a few years to do it. One thing is certain, the liberal agenda pushers aren’t going away any time soon.

But for now, this is one miracle we can all relish and enjoy.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Sorry, But Jesus Isn't Running For Office

My great, great grandfather was a journalist and political activist way back at the turn of last century. His name was George Washington Speers. Of course, I never met him, but my late grandfather introduced me to some of his writings before he passed away years ago and that has confirmed the genetic pre-deposition I always assumed I had towards stirring the waters. He did it too.

In honor of him I wanted to pen my thoughts on where things are today regarding this crazy political season we are in here in 2016. If nothing, so my kids can look back and understand how we got where it looks like we are likely headed.

Politics is a way of life for many in the free world. For others, such as those living in Sudan, North Korea, Russia, Iran, China, and the like, it’s only a dream to have our kind of freedom. We take it for granted and many Americans can’t even tell you the basics about candidates they lazily march in to vote for. Our political system, which for two centuries has been unmatched, is now greatly handicapped and our political freedom is slowly dying. American politics has nearly completed its conversion to a mere mechanical, predictable system.  

If you go back and read my blog posts from early 2008 on you will see my warnings about where our nation was headed back then if Obama and his cronies were elected. Call me a prophet. But you can’t because I was wrong.  Way wrong. The “fundamental changes” Obama wanted have been much worse than imagined and Obama will be long gone before we all start to see the damaging ramifications of what these last 8 years of regulation, intolerance, foreign policy weakness, division, spending and moral decay has done to us.

But here we are and now it’s now 2016. In the blink of an eye we have journeyed two terms watching progressivism take reign. I’d like to say things can be different and that we still have a chance to stop the decay, but the forces against those of us that still care just seem to strong and that’s what I am about to explain.

In a matter of just a few months from now, Americans will once again choose who will lead our nation for the next four years. The Democrats, with career politician Hillary Clinton, and the Republicans, with businessman Donald Trump. This race is as tight as can be and many are calling it the choice between the “lesser of two evils”. No doubt that this is going to go down in history as one of the most “entertaining” elections ever. Will Trump “make America great again”, or will “Hilary for America” be the nightmare of a third Obama term?

But the cold hard truth is I believe our political system is damaged nearly to the point of no return and the winner was decided upon years ago. True numbers still show that conservatives and independents far outweigh progressive liberals in this country…yet liberal candidates seem to continually parade to victory in various elections throughout the country; some with nearly zero resistance.
It makes no sense. Then again…it does.

Let me explain.

There are three clear dynamics taking place simultaneously that when combined into one become a near unstoppable force against small government, personal freedom and the Christian values our nation was founded on (and yes, it was founded on those values despite the attempt by progressives to minimize and delete it).
First of all, two groups, what some call the establishment and what I call the Jesus for President Movement have set the stage for a divide that will never heal. The GOP’s failures to stay true to conservative values, their desire to “compromise”  in the false hope to earn more voters, and giving us candidates like McCain, Romney and Bush (really????!!! Another Bush??) angered a large portion of the base which led to the creation of the Tea Party. The stand-off was created and I don’t believe we will ever recover from it.

Along with that, a movement began, with the likes of Mike Huckabee (whom I personally met and liked), to push for a more “Christian” candidate to run for office. The “Jesus for President Movement”, as I call it was born and good, well meaning people started getting googoo eyed over the concept of a morally pure candidate. All of the sudden a large percentage of conservatives simply couldn’t be happy unless they heard their candidate sharing their faith, speaking scripture, etc. And I get it. I’d love to see a Christian candidate either. But guess what? Jesus isn’t running for office so please stop the madness. In this mess, these seeking this “Christian utopia” have simply forgotten about strategy and the need to “play politics” in order to win.  The Democrats have been making us look like fools for years and years.

Nice guys don’t win people, not in this day and age.  

Then Donald Trump enters the ring and the screaming and wailing immediately commenced and #nevertrump was born.  He took the stage by storm and really hasn’t looked back since. At the time of this writing he was dead even in the polls and headed for a head on collision in the upcoming debates. You have to give it to him. He might be self serving and egotistical but give credit where it’s due too. He’s the only candidate to spend millions of his own money. He’s the only one doing it in a truly grassroots method. He’s put out his list of supreme court candidates (no other GOPer did that). He’s surrounded himself with very credible leaders. He’s pounded the pavement and was first to visit Louisiana, Detroit and even went to Mexico. Plus, he’s putting himself out there every day for the media to attack while Hillary hides away with fake doctors notes.

But I just don’t understand and never will the #nevertrumpers. I’m not gonna put a Trump sign in my front yard, and he was never my first choice, but I also know that God can and will use whomever He so chooses to guide our nation. My job is to vote for the candidate that will most likely stand for life, less government, lower taxes, stronger military, stronger borders and more choices in education and healthcare. Period. Hillary isn’t going to do. Trump might. But might is better than won’t. 

Frankly, we are all dirty and all of us sin daily more than likely. We have all said demeaning things, done demeaning things and been mean to others at time. So just how are these “nevertrumpers” so much better that God couldn’t use someone like him? Why can’t we pray that those he has surrounded himself with…good, God fearing people mind you…can properly guide him and keep him on track? The reality is if we were smart enough, we could embrace Trump and use him as a means to an end to regain the Whitehouse and regain power. Trump isn’t forever….no more than 4-8 years. But, he could give us the power we need to turn things back around for decades to come. Why is this so hard for people to understand?

These stupid, ignorant, childish claims that Trump is the next Hitler, will win office and suddenly turn into this nuclear bomb sending, evil dictator are just emotional reactions that my brain can hardly process. Really?!! I mean, really?! I know people way smarter than anyone reading this, that I trust, that know what Trump really does behind the scenes. He can be cavalier on the stage and let the TV personality fly, but a man of his stature and success isn’t a fool. Now, if he has completely fooled the likes of Ben Carson, Rick Perry, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Dr. Dobson, Wayne Grudem, Jack Graham, Scott Walker, Buddy Pilgrim, Mike Pence, and many others, then he truly is the devil’s tool.

We know what we get with Hillary and I for one refuse to be a part of her getting the chance to slaughter more babies and the like simply because Trump isn’t Jesus like enough for me. My God is bigger than that and if He wants to use Trump, He will. After all, as I have said before, there are Christians living under evil dictators around the world, fearing for their very lives, that would jump at the chance to vote for someone like Trump.

Regardless the GOP as we knew it is dead. Forever.  Their failure to act, when power was given to them, time and time again is the reason we have Trump today. And you have to hand it to him; he’s kicking butt and taking names. Spending his own money and with very little in terms of a true political machine. (This really gets the establishments’ panties in a wad - who demand a career politician candidate for whatever reason and it makes me laugh out loud.) I don’t think he wins in the end, but for him to be where he is now, fighting all of these obstacles and that powerful Clinton machine, without the support of so many of these so called “conservatives” it’s pretty astounding what he is doing no matter the result.

Secondly, ignorance and apathy rule our culture like never before. Sure, there have always been Americans who didn’t care about politics, didn’t study to be informed or didn’t speak out when obvious wrongs occurred. But when you have gotten to the point where we allow the likes of men dressed as women to tell our country how to regulate our bathrooms and few stand against it…apathy is king. When people scream “intolerant” or “bigot” when you simply speak your beliefs and others shy away like Peter when being accused of knowing Christ, you know apathy is paramount.

I knew apathy was a poison filling our streets when I started seeing Islam being embraced and mosques (many of which preach hate against our values) being built in New York City right down the street from where the twin towers once stood before Islamic terrorists (yes, they were Islamic) took them down.  Look around and take note of how quickly our nation has invited a religion that, if being followed correctly, embraces the full teachings of the Koran – a book that promotes values that teach death to homosexuals, the degradation of women, and death to all that don’t believe in the teachings of Muhammad. We have already seen the results in San Bernardino, Orlando, Killeen, Boston, Oklahoma City, and other places here in our homeland.

Ignorance is the twin of apathy. People walking the street can’t even name our Vice President. It’s truly embarrassing. They don’t know how many senators each state is given or important historical facts such as which political party was behind the freedom of all slaves (yes, that was the republican party). These ignorant, uninformed people on election day head to the courthouses in mass to vote and their votes many times are cast based on the criteria of which one is most likeable, which one celebrities support, which is “coolest” or which will “make history” as we saw with Obama and now will likely see with Hillary. Forget critical facts such as their voting records, failures and accomplishments (private or political), alliances, donors, foreign ties, policy agendas, values, or (God help us) previous criminal actions.

I’ve heard many people over the last two terms of Obama say they simply voted for him because he would become the first black President. Now, they are saying the same because Hillary would be the first woman. That’s where we are as a nation when it comes to electing the most powerful person in the world. Color and sexual orientation. I promise the transgender or homosexual candidate is next…

Furthermore, I find it amazing how many people that vote for liberal candidates don’t even truly know what their “liberal” agendas are. As a matter of fact if you asked many on the street if they agreed with the following they would surprise themselves: strong military, lower taxes, strong judicial system, more education and healthcare options, protection of life, religious freedom, government staying out of your life, keeping us and our children safer, strong world leader, job creating and less spending. In fact, many have to come face to face with the fact that what they really believe in lines up better with libertarian or conservative candidates.

I don’t know a whole lot of people that are all about increasing our debts to no end, letting the government rule every aspect of our lives, killing any and all babies we can, increasing our taxes to more than 50%, leaving our borders insecure, reducing our national safety, fewer choices in education and healthcare, and making sure everyone is all about the same in life with no chance to set yourself apart. Yet, that’s truly the agenda of these modern progressives. That’s why we call them socialists. Because they are.

Ignorance is the critical piece of the new political machine taking place in America. It feeds the beast – the beast we call Media Bias.

Anyone that can’t see the media bias in this country just isn’t living in reality. Even the most hard core liberals admit it has really gotten out of whack. Outside of FoxNews and some AM talk radio guys, the left has the likes of every single major newspaper, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, USA Today, all major magazines still in business, Twitter and Facebook, and nearly all of Hollywood in their back pocket providing free political airtime and unashamed endorsement. Proud to win when you do, huh? Yea, well turn those tables and see how well Hillary would do. She would be fried like bacon and sent back home in two days.

This third and final piece is the most damaging piece of the puzzle of the modern American political system because it has taken a life of its own. Journalism doesn’t exist and facts are merely afterthoughts when reporting stories now. It has always been bad, but never this bad. Who the main stream media wants the President to be, you can count on that being the result, especially when combined with the first two pieces I just discussed above.

When a conservative runs for office, every single skeleton will be dug up. (Remember the Romney bullying fiasco from prep school!!! Are you kidding me?) But if you are a liberal, your skeletons are guarded and buried even deeper. Might as well be buried in Fort Knox. It’s the equivalent of a football game in which one team is blindfolded. There are so many examples of this I could spend 100 pages on it. It’s shameful and sadly it’s never going to get better. The media is full of young, left leaning, pro-abortion, anti-gun, socialistic, cross-dressing, homosexual, transgender, God hating, big spending, pro-government people.

Ignorance, apathy, establishment intolerance, Jesus for President and Media Bias rule the day and when added all together it means the end of a true, honest political system in this country.

For those of us that believe God is in control, He is and always will be. We need to vote and we need to pray. Our nation can have revival, but sadly we may have to get to the end of our rope as a nation first and we seem to be headed there. Our hope remains in Christ and in Christ alone and that will be our mantra when Hillary is more than likely paraded in front us, as the next “historical” President.

I don’t believe Trump will win in November, but if anyone could take on and beat this new manufactured political system, it seems only he could. He has my small little vote but I remain doubtful. We will see in a matter of weeks. I sure hope I am wrong.

Our nation just might depend on it.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Finally, the Obummer Express is Slowed Down

What an amazing election night it was Tuesday. We finally saw conservatives rise up and win out...though be it 6 years too late IMO. But, at least now we can start to try and undo some of the damage this man has done. That is, if these RINOs will actually stand up and do what we elected them to do.

For the first time since 2008 we can finally feel good about things. If we do it right, Hillary won't have a chance in 2016. But...we will see.

I just wanna see Obama gone.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Obama's Legacy

IRS scandal
VA scandal
Fast N Furious scandal
Wire tapping scandal
Erik Holder
ISIS mistakes

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Form Letter and Stamped Signature from Our Amazing President

It's no secret that I have no love for the man we currently call our President.

Mr. Obama is truly a disgrace to our history as the greatest nation in the world. I heard about this story while in Houston working with clients this week. The story is actually a little old, but the truth of it is still just the perfect example of why I cannot stand this man.

This man's son was killed in action defending our freedoms. President Obama simple sent a autotyped, autosigned impersonal letter to his parents....oh yea, about 4 months later.

This man is gutless and selfish. At least President Bush made every sacrifice a personal thing.

What a sorry excuse of a leader. If you can read this and not be appalled then you are likely just like him. Here you go.Click here to read.

Brady Speers

Friday, July 19, 2013

This is Setting Up Perfectly for the Next President

My 2016 prediction.

I stated after our 2012 defeat that I wasn't sure conservatives would likely ever win the White House again any time soon. As Rush says, it's hard to beat Santa Clause.

But this is setting up even better than expected for the liberals and here is my predicted outcome 3 years ahead.

Obama will keep interest rates down by continuing to print money as he has for years now. Nothing will get much better nor will it get much worse, and just as he has now for 6 years, he will simply blame Bush.

As soon as he is out of office the next President will be handed the mess of having to slow down the printing, which will result in interest rates going up and inflation kicking in. We will have to go through a few years of financial mess in order to come out on the other side.

Who will get the blame? The conservative winner who magically won't be able to get away with blaming it on Obama before him.

If a liberal wins in 2016, they will simply just keep printing money, keep blaming Bush and send us into debt hell.

You heard it hear first.

What a perfect game plan.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Obama's Growing "Legacy"

Had no idea it would be THIS bad back in 2007 when I started talking about what a disaster this man would be for America. This is my ongoing list of the scandals and mess he has allowed under his watch.

1. Fast N Furious
2. Obamacare debacle
3. IRS targeting of Conservatives
4. NSA spying on Americans
5. Bengahzi
6. ACORN scandal
7. Wire-tapping of the AP